Easily add zoom functionality to any image in seconds!

Enhance your site with this easy-to-use module.

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A must have module for any site

  • super easy to setup - no code editing needed
  • ready out-of-the-box
  • configurable magnification level and magnifier appearance
  • works in all layouts and float setups
  • cross-browser support
  • built-in image preloading


Dog #1 Dog #2 Dog #3


  • Drupal v7.x or greater
  1. Download the ZIP package from CodeCanyon and unpack it on your computer.
  2. Upload "wf_eiz" folder via FTP to sites/all/modules/ on your server.
  3. Open Drupal admin and go to Modules, find "Epic Image Zoom" and activate it.
  1. Deactivate the module in your Drupal admin under Modules.
  2. Upload the new files via FTP (sites/all/modules/wf_eiz/ folder) and overwrite the old ones.
  3. Activate the module.
Post install 5sec tutorial
  1. Open Administration - Configuration - User interface - Epic Image Zoom configuration.
  2. Validate default settings and click "Save".
  3. All your images will have a zoom functionality on hover.


  • Zoom box size
    Default: 150
    Magnifier width (and height) in pixels.
  • Zoom magnification factor
    Default: 2
    Magnification ratio relative to the original image size.
  • Zoom class
    Default: .content img
    Elements that EIZ will target. If you need multiple classes separate with by a comma.
  • Zoom box border size
    Default: 1
    Border size for zoom box in pixels.
  • Zoom box border color
    Default: #000000
    Border color for zoom box.
  • Zoom box position fix
    Default: default positioning
    If the zoom box is not positioned properly please try using one of two fixes.
  • Hide cursor on hover
    Default: hidden
    If enabled cursor will be hidden on image hover.
  • Debug mode
    Default: disabled
    Debug messages will be shown in JavaScript console; Firebug's for instance.


Are there any limits? How many zoomable images can I have on one page?

As far as EIZ is concerned there are no limits. However please be reasonable and take into account that users don't like opening pages that load too long.

Can images be links and zoomable at the same time?

Yes of course! You can also attach any other usual events you want to them.

Magnifier/zoom box does not appear under the cursor, it has a weird offset.

See the "Zoom box position fix" option.

Are those your dogs on the images?

No :) Those are images from PhotoDune made by eriklam. He has some great pics, go check him out!